Powered sack trucks, for home and business use. Electric battery powered sack trucks to make life easier.

Bin Boy is a great labour saving device for home and garden use, for office use, light industrial use or for warehouses and hospitals. The Bin Boy powered sacktruck is ideal for both warehouses and hospitals due to its smooth ride and near-silent use.

Bin Boy is ideal for moving household or business wheelie bins or other heavy objects, especially by pensioners. The front plate allows for quick and easy loading, the long handles allow for great leverage and balance of the load to be moved, and just a gentle push is required to move and steer a heavy load. Anyone can use Bin Boy!

Bin Boy electric sacktrucks are ideal for both hospitals and warehouses due to their near-silent use, narrow width and manoeuverability and turn radius, ease of use and ease of re-charging. 

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Easy to use

Easy to maintain

Battery powered


Quick and easy re-charges

Very quiet to use

Easy to use for pensioners

Great for wheelie bins

  Bin Boy Easily negotiates 











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